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Meta Quest 2 vs. Valve Index: A Head-to-Head Comparison

Summary: The Meta Quest 2 and Valve Index are two popular VR headsets that offer unique experiences. The Quest 2 is a wireless standalone headset, while the Valve Index is a PC-tethered system. The Valve Index has superior display and optics, with a higher resolution and refresh rate. The Quest 2 offers portability and affordability,…

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The Changing Landscape of Oversharing on Social Media

Summary: Each social media platform has its own norms and expectations for what constitutes oversharing. As social media becomes more intimate and integrated into our lives, what we post and how it is interpreted will evolve. Compartmentalizing our digital identities across different platforms and accounts can lead to conflicting interpretations of what is considered oversharing….

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Bing Chat Faces Malicious Ad Dilemma

Summary: Bing Chat, Microsoft’s search platform, is facing a problem with malicious ads. These ads, served by Microsoft’s advertising platform, are deceptive and potentially harmful. When users click on these ads, they are redirected to sites that can phish their login details or push malware. The harmful ads infiltrate Bing Chat conversations and require user…

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How to Raise a Series A in Today’s Market

Summary: The process of raising Series A funding has changed in today’s market. Previously, a Series A round could be secured with around $1 million in revenue, but now it’s more like $2-3 million. The uncertainty in the market and rising interest rates have dampened investor appetite for risk. Series A investors have pulled back,…

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Top 10 Best Laptops of 2023: October Picks & Deals

Summary: PCWorld has compiled a list of the best laptops for October 2023, across various categories such as budget laptops, ultraportables, gaming laptops, and more Some of the standout laptops on the list include the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Nano Gen 1, Acer Aspire 3, Dell XPS 13 Plus, HP Dragonfly Pro, Asus Zenbook 14 Flip…

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