Shopify Introduces Generative AI Assistant Sidekick for E-Commerce


  • Shopify is launching a new conversational generative AI chatbot called Sidekick to assist online store owners.
  • Sidekick acts as a proactive helper, tracking sales and other metrics for business owners.
  • The AI can pull in relevant information from the internet to answer specific questions and make changes to the website.
  • Shopify has not announced a release date for Sidekick, but the teaser announcement suggests the company recognizes the competition in the generative AI space.

Ted’s take:

Are you a business owner tired of spending hours on tedious paperwork and data tracking? Well, Shopify’s got your back with their new AI chatbot Sidekick! This little Robin-mask-wearing AI buddy will not only streamline your tasks but also give you tailored answers specific to your business. Want to revamp your website and change your whole theme from snowboards to surfboards? Sidekick’s got your back! And the best part? It can even lower prices and mark them on your website. Shopify knows that generative AI is becoming a competitive space, so they’re jumping in with Sidekick to help entrepreneurs thrive. It’s like having a superhero sidekick to conquer the e-commerce world. Pow!

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