Top 40 AI Tools You Should Check Out


  • DeepSwap is an AI-based tool for creating deepfake videos and images.
  • Aragon uses AI technology to create high-quality headshots of yourself.
  • generates high-converting ad and social media posts.
  • Otter AI provides real-time transcriptions of meeting notes.
  • Notion AI assists with note summarization and text creation.
  • Docktopus AI simplifies online content creation with customizable templates.
  • Promptpal AI helps users discover the best prompts for AI models.
  • Quinvio AI enables quick video presentations and AI spokespersons.
  • AskYourPdf is an AI chatbot that helps users interact with PDF documents.
  • Supernormal AI automates meeting note creation.

Ted’s Take:

There are so many cool AI tools out there that can make our lives easier and more fun! From creating realistic deepfake videos with DeepSwap to getting professional headshots without even leaving your house with Aragon, these tools have got it all. can help boost your advertising game by generating high-converting ad and social media posts, while Otter AI takes care of transcribing your meeting notes in real-time. And if you’re tired of tedious tasks, Promptpal AI can assist you in discovering the best prompts for AI models. With all these amazing AI tools, it’s time to embrace the power of artificial intelligence and make our lives a little bit easier, and a whole lot more fun!

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