Cooke Optics Introduces SP3 Prime Lens Series for Mirrorless Cameras


  • Cooke Optics has introduced the SP3 prime lens series for mirrorless cameras, bringing cinematic quality to the videography market.
  • The lenses have a T2.4 aperture and a choice of user-changeable mounts, making them small, lightweight, and robust.
  • The SP3 range includes 25mm, 32mm, 50mm, 75mm, and 100mm focal lengths, all with Sony E-mount hardware.
  • L-Mount and M-Mount versions will be available as accessories.
  • The SP3 lenses are designed to capture the famous cinematic look of the original Speed Panchro lenses, with outstanding resolution, fall-off towards the edges, and specialized cinematic optical coatings.
  • They are also lightweight, making them suitable for gimbals and drones.
  • The manual lenses have aligned focus and iris mechanics across the set for easy swapping.
  • The SP3 range will be available this month, with prices starting at $4,500 per lens or $21,375 for the complete set.

Ted’s Take

Cooke Optics is bringing the cinematic look to mirrorless cameras with their new SP3 prime lens series. These lenses promise to make any video look like it was shot by a Hollywood director, without the need for a huge budget or bulky equipment. With a T2.4 aperture and a choice of user-changeable mounts, these lenses are small, lightweight, and robust – just like me after a good workout at the gym.

The SP3 range includes five focal lengths, from 25mm to 100mm, so you can capture a wide range of shots, from breathtaking landscapes to intense close-ups. And don’t worry if you have a different camera mount, because Cooke has got you covered. The lenses come with Sony E-mount hardware installed, and RF-mount versions will be available soon. Plus, if you’re an early adopter, you can get a set of RF mounts for free. Talk about a sweet deal!

But it’s not just the hardware that makes these lenses special. Cooke Optics has taken inspiration from their legendary Speed Panchro lenses to create the famous cinematic look that filmmakers love. The SP3 lenses have outstanding resolution and a characteristic fall-off towards the edge of the frame, giving your videos that dreamy, cinematic feel. They also have specialized cinematic optical coatings to control excessive flare, so you can capture those epic lens flares without blinding your audience.

And did I mention they’re lightweight? These lenses weigh between 1.1 pounds and 1.52 pounds, making them perfect for shooting on gimbals and drones. So now you can capture stunning aerial footage without breaking your back – or your budget.

So if you’re ready to take your videography to the next level, check out the Cooke SP3 prime lenses. They’ll give your videos that cinematic look and make you feel like a Hollywood director, without the need for a fancy set or a big-budget production. Lights, camera, action!

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