Angenieux Unveils ES-3 Convertible Zoom Lens for S35 to Full Frame Cameras


  • Angenieux has developed a new convertible zoom lens called the EZ-3, which can switch between Super35 mm to Full Frame/Vista Vision camera platforms with the addition of a rear optical module.
  • The lens supports different image formats with minimal distortion and no crop factor. It provides a constant T-Stop from 68-200mm for full frame focal length.
  • The lens comes with a PL mount by default, but additional Sony E, Canon EF, and RF lens mounts are also available and can be easily swapped out.
  • The EZ-3 features smooth internal zoom, focus rings with scale rotation of 300 degrees, and precision markings for focus pulls. It also supports standard matte boxes and focus rod arrays.
  • Angenieux MSU-1 and 1A servo units are compatible with the EZ-3, providing even greater flexibility for camera operators.
  • The lens is available for pre-order at a retail price of $19,300, with shipping to be determined. It can be seen at IBC 2023 and the Bild Expo 2023.

Ted’s Take:

Angenieux’s new convertible zoom lens is like the Swiss Army knife of camera lenses. It can switch seamlessly between different camera platforms, providing flexibility for camera operators who want to be all things to all projects. With its easy addition of a rear optical module, the lens supports various image formats without any crop factor or distortion. Plus, with the ability to swap out lens mounts, it’s like playing with different toppings on a pizza. The EZ-3 also features smooth internal zoom and focus rings, making it a precision tool for focus pulls. And if you thought that was all, it even supports matte boxes and focus rod arrays, making it the ultimate go-to lens for any cinematographer. So if you’re looking to expand your lens collection, the Angenieux EZ-3 is definitely worth considering. It’s like having a genie in a bottle, granting you all the camera lens capabilities you need.

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