Apple Watch Series 9 vs Apple Watch Series 8: Specifications, Display, and More


  • Apple Watch Series 9 was unveiled at the iPhone 15 event with new features such as a more vibrant and adaptive display, a powerful S9 SiP with a 4-core Neural Engine, and enhanced Siri functionalities.
  • Both Series 8 and Series 9 are available in 41mm and 45mm sizes, with aluminum and stainless steel cases. Series 9 introduces a new pink shade for the aluminum case and is carbon neutral.
  • The display on Series 9 is brighter, reaching a peak brightness of 2,000 nits, which allows for easier readability in bright sunlight.
  • The Series 9 is powered by the new S9 SiP, which is faster and more efficient than the Series 8’s S8 processor. Siri on Series 9 is up to 25% more accurate, and the watch introduces tools to support mental health.
  • Both Series 8 and Series 9 have an 18-hour battery life, but Series 9 offers double the storage with 64GB compared to 32GB on Series 8.
  • Series 9 has additional features such as a double-tap gesture functionality, deeper integration with HomePod, and “Precision Finding” for the iPhone 15.
  • Both Series 8 and Series 9 start at $399, but Series 8 is no longer available on the Apple website.
  • For users who want a vibrant display and a powerful processor, Series 9 is the clear winner. However, Series 8 still offers substantial features at a potentially lower price.

Ted’s Take:

Is it just me or do these Apple Watch upgrades seem a bit incremental? I mean, who really needs a watch display that’s 2,000 nits bright? Are we trying to blind ourselves with our own technology now? And how much more accurate does Siri need to be? If she gets any better, she might start giving me snarky responses to my ridiculous questions. Plus, is it really worth it to pay the same price for a year older device just because it offers “substantial features”? I think I’ll stick with my Series 8 and save my money for something more exciting. Like a pet rock.

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