10-slide Pitch Deck Teardown: Learn.xyz’s $3M Seed Deck


  • Learn.xyz closed a $3 million seed round with its pitch deck
  • The 10-slide deck has a fun and lighthearted design
  • Clear problem statement about the difficulty of creating lesson plans
  • Impressive traction with 41,000 pieces of content created in four months

Ted’s Take:

Learn.xyz’s pitch deck is a great example of how to make learning fun. With its joyful design and clear problem statement, the company successfully captured the attention of investors. And their impressive traction proves that users are engaged with the platform. However, there are still some areas for improvement, such as measuring other metrics like revenue and customer satisfaction. Overall, Learn.xyz’s pitch deck is a solid foundation for their future success in the education market. Who needs boring textbooks when you can have animated pitch decks?

Original Article: https://techcrunch.com/?p=2598158

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