Devialet’s Gemini II: Tiny TWS Earbuds Inspired by Phantom Speakers


  • Devialet has released the Gemini II, a pair of TWS earbuds that resemble miniature versions of their Phantom speakers.
  • The Gemini II is priced at €399 ($425) and is the most budget-friendly option in Devialet’s catalog.
  • The earbuds are 22% smaller and weigh only 6 grams each, with titanium drivers and 4 ear-tips for a comfortable fit.
  • They offer 40dB of attenuation with their ANC mode, which is powered by Devialet’s secret combination of design and software engineering.
  • The wind reduction feature hides the microphone from wind-prone areas, and the software compensates for any delay, resulting in improved noise cancellation.
  • The charging case is 40% smaller than the previous generation and features a conventional flip-top design.
  • The Gemini II offers 22 hours of playback, is water and sweat resistant, and has Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity.
  • It also includes USB-C and wireless charging, as well as a companion smartphone app for customization options.

Ted’s Take:

Devialet’s Gemini II TWS earbuds are like little offspring of their high-end Phantom speakers. They may be tiny, but they sure pack a punch with their signature sound. Plus, they’re so cute, it’s hard not to love them. With their smaller size, improved ANC, and sleek charging case, these earbuds are a worthy addition to Devialet’s lineup. And let’s not forget the special-edition Opéra de Paris version with a gilded belt and golden segments inside the earbuds—it’s like having a piece of art in your ears. While the price tag may not be the most budget-friendly, sometimes you have to pay a little extra for greatness. So, if you’re in the market for TWS earbuds that deliver exceptional sound and look adorable, the Gemini II is worth considering.

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