Exploring Alternatives to Synology: A Comprehensive Guide


  • There are alternatives to Synology NAS solutions that can hold their own.
  • QNAP is the closest competitor to Synology, offering better hardware options and more power into their systems.
  • TrueNAS is a DIY option that provides open source control and uses the robust ZFS file system for unparalleled data integrity.
  • Unraid offers flexibility and the ability to use disks of different sizes without wasting disk space.
  • TerraMaster is a budget-friendly alternative with decent features and solid construction.
  • Asustor focuses on gaming NAS solutions and offers fast performance and comprehensive backup options.
  • Western Digital My Cloud is a consumer-friendly choice with an easy setup process and integrated backup options.

Ted’s Take:

If you’re tired of playing in Synology’s sandbox, fear not, there are plenty of other NAS solutions out there to meet your data storage needs. QNAP offers more power and versatility, TrueNAS lets you get your hands dirty with a DIY setup, Unraid loves to mix and match drives like a crazy scientist, TerraMaster may not be well-known but it’s got solid construction (unlike my crumbling ego), Asustor is all about gaming and backups, and Western Digital My Cloud is as user-friendly as a sloth on a park bench. With these alternatives, you can say goodbye to Synology and hello to a whole new world of NAS possibilities!

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