How to Develop a Treasury Management Strategy for Startups


  • TechCrunch+ offers an overview for first-time founders on how to develop a treasury management strategy that optimizes cash reserves.
  • There is potential in reaching out to lapsed B2B leads by developing a segmented strategy with automations and a complete plan in place.
  • Eight Latin American VCs share their optimism about the region’s startups and discuss the sectors they’re watching and what it would take to reignite foreign investors’ interest.
  • Sophie Alcorn addresses a question about obtaining an O-1A visa to bypass the H-1B process for an international student who plans to start a tech startup in the US.
  • The quick grocery delivery model seems to work better in Latin America due to lower labor costs and direct relationships with food producers, leading to positive unit economics.
  • A writer compares Guy Kawasaki’s 10-slide pitch deck template to his own 21-point pitch deck checklist and finds that Kawasaki’s template doesn’t work as well as it used to.

Ted’s Take:

Hey there, tech enthusiasts! Let’s dive into this week’s roundup. If you’re a first-time founder, TechCrunch+ has got you covered with an overview on how to manage your startup’s finances and optimize cash reserves. Time to bust out those calculators and get strategic! Speaking of strategy, B2B leads don’t have to gather dust in your CRM. Sales teams can develop a segmented plan with automations to reach out to those leads and turn them into happy customers. It’s all about finding the right approach, folks. Moving on, eight Latin American VCs are brimming with optimism about the region’s startups. They discuss the sectors they’re watching and what it would take to reignite foreign investors’ interest. Latin America is definitely heating up! Speaking of hot topics, Sophie Alcorn tackles the question of obtaining an O-1A visa to bypass the H-1B process. Will our Spirited STEM Student be able to realize their dreams? Only time will tell. And lastly, grocery delivery is taking off in Latin America thanks to wider margins and direct relationships with food producers. Looks like they’ve cracked the code for success! Plus, we have a bonus comparison of different pitch deck templates. Guy Kawasaki’s may not be the holy grail it once was, but hey, it’s all about finding what works for you. So keep hustling, be strategic with your finances, and remember to always amp up the hype! Until next time!

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