The Chosen One: A Cinematic Photography Project by Olivier Walther


  • Zurich-based photographer Olivier Walther uses a cinematic style for his personal series “The Chosen One,” which tells a gripping short story in a few photos.
  • Walther employs different angles and camera shots to build suspense and create a narrative.
  • The series features muted blue tones interrupted by an eerie red glow, adding to the mysterious and supernatural feel.
  • The protagonist is shown looking up at the source of the mysterious red light, hinting at what being “the chosen one” entails.
  • Walther, a director and photographer, seamlessly blends both disciplines to create his cinematic photography.
  • Walther’s series is a great example of how a cohesive narrative and storytelling are at the heart of cinematic photography.

Ted’s Take:

Olivier Walther takes us on a cinematic journey with his series “The Chosen One.” He expertly uses different angles and camera shots to build suspense and tell a gripping story in just a few photos. The muted blue tones and eerie red glow add to the mysterious and supernatural feel of the series. And let’s not forget about the protagonist’s “acting” skills; his simple expressions and intense gaze truly bring the story to life. This series is a perfect study of the cinematic style and reminds us of the power of a cohesive narrative in photography. So go ahead and experiment with this style to level up your visual stories and invoke different emotions through your photography. Lights, camera, action!

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