The Oldest Profession in the World: Fishing


  • Fishing is considered as the oldest profession in the world and has been depicted on cave walls and in ancient Egyptian tombs.
  • The Ecuadorian village of Puerto López relies heavily on fishing as the main source of livelihood.
  • The daily routine in Puerto López involves fishermen returning to the beach with their catch, which attracts Frigatebirds and Pelicans that steal fish from the fishermen’s boxes.
  • Blue-Footed Boobies dive into the waves to catch their prey, and Humpback Whales can be seen from June to October.
  • No fish goes to waste in Puerto López, as even commercially worthless bycatch is consumed by vultures.
  • The local beach reflects the decline in fish population and the impact of large fishing vessels that quickly empty the sea.

Ted’s Take:

Fishing, the OG profession, has come a long way since its caveman days. Nowadays, we don’t just have hunters with spears and loincloths, but we have fishermen in boats battling against nature’s unpredictable forces. Take Puerto López, for instance, where fishermen brave the Pacific Ocean with their small boats to bring in the daily catch. And what do they get in return? A bird show that rivals an Alfred Hitchcock movie. Frigatebirds and Pelicans swoop down like feathered pirates, stealing fish right from the fishermen’s boxes. It’s like an avian version of the Olympics, where the gold medal goes to whoever can snatch the most fish without getting caught. Meanwhile, Blue-Footed Boobies dive headlong into the waves like they’re participating in a daredevil competition. And to top it off, Humpback Whales make Puerto López their favorite birthing spot, because where else would you want to welcome your little calf into the world than a village filled with flying thieves and adrenaline junkie birds? But amidst all the chaos and theater, there’s a hard truth lurking beneath the surface. The number of fish in the ocean is shrinking, and the catch is getting thinner. Turns out, the big bad fishing industry is to blame, with their massive vessels swooping in and sucking up every fish in sight, leaving the small boats with nothing but a prayer and a fishing line. So let us appreciate the scenes in Puerto López while they last, because if things don’t change

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