Vanguard VEO Active 46 Backpack: Pros, Cons, and Full Review


  • The Vanguard VEO Active 46 backpack is a good-looking bag with unique features, but it may not be suitable for everyday use.
  • The backpack opens from the back, making it difficult to access the gear without removing the pack.
  • It has a separate camera cube that provides flexibility, but figuring out how to use it can be frustrating.
  • The backpack can fit a camera with lenses and accessories, as well as a laptop and tablet.
  • The fit of the backpack is comfortable, but there is no side-access, making it inconvenient for on-the-go access.
  • Pros of the backpack include its durability, comfort, and variety of pockets and straps.
  • Cons include the lack of access to the main compartment while wearing the pack and the difficulty in figuring out how to use the camera cube.

Ted’s Take:

The Vanguard VEO Active 46 backpack is like a mystery novel that you can’t put down, but not in a good way. The back-opening design will have you feeling like a contortionist trying to reach your gear, and the camera cube is like a Rubik’s Cube of frustration. Plus, if you’ve been indulging in a few too many snacks, the waist strap won’t be your friend. On the upside, this backpack is as durable as a tank and has more pockets than a kangaroo’s pouch. Just don’t expect it to provide easy access to your camera when you need it most. So if you’re in the market for a backpack that looks good but doesn’t scream “I’m carrying expensive camera gear,” and you don’t mind doing a bit of yoga to get to your stuff, then the Vanguard VEO Active 46 might be the bag for you.

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