Led Zeppelin IV Album Photo Identified after 52 Years


  • An amateur photographer has identified the old man featured on the cover of Led Zeppelin’s iconic IV album
  • The man in the photo is Lot Long, a thatcher from Wiltshire
  • The photograph was taken by Ernest Howard Farmer, the first head of the School of Photography at the University of Westminster
  • Lead singer Robert Plant discovered a print of the image in an antique shop and it became the album cover
  • The image will be included in an exhibition at the Wiltshire Museum

Ted’s Take:

Well, after 52 years, we finally know who that old man on the cover of Led Zeppelin’s IV album is. Turns out, he’s a thatcher from Wiltshire named Lot Long. Who would’ve thought? I guess his claim to fame isn’t just keeping roofs in top shape, but also being immortalized on one of classic rock’s greatest albums. Hats off (or should I say, hats on) to Mr. Long for unknowingly becoming a part of rock and roll history. I wonder how he would feel knowing that his image has been known and loved by millions of fans for over half a century. And to top it off, Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant stumbled upon a framed print of the image in an antique shop, sealing the deal for it to become the album cover. It just goes to show that you never know where life will take you or how your face might end up on an album cover. So, keep that chin up and your eyes peeled, because you never know when you might become a rock star, even if it’s just for a moment.

Original Article: https://amateurphotographer.com/latest/photo-news/led-zeppelin-iv-album-photo-identified-after-52-years/

One thought on “Led Zeppelin IV Album Photo Identified after 52 Years

  1. wow, great find. there are tons of amazing and mysterious rock albums cover pictures. We will never find out information about most of them. This one is the great exception. Now i’m going to find more about Ernest Howard Farmer 🙂

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