Top 10 Apple MagSafe Accessories for iPhone: Ultimate Power Upgrade


  • The reintroduction of Apple’s MagSafe has led to the creation of a wide range of accessories for iPhone users.
  • Some notable accessories include the UPRO Ostand case, Oakywood’s MagSafe iPhone Stand/Charger, and the Apple MagSafe Grip Stand.
  • Belkin’s 2-in-1 BoostCharge Pro MagSafe Charger combines contemporary design with organic minimalism.
  • Shin & Han’s MagSafe accessory doubles as a clock to help users manage their screen time.
  • The Ice Speed Freezemat Magsafe Wireless Charger uses an aviation-grade cooling material to dissipate heat.
  • The HiRise 3 Deluxe charger features an adjustable MagSafe pad and an optimal viewing angle.
  • ESR’s 6-in-1 MagSafe Charger is equipped with a GaN semiconductor and can charge multiple Apple devices.
  • The Side Note is a compact leather-bound notebook that attaches to the iPhone using MagSafe.
  • The MAG.L MagSafe Powerbank features a 10000mAh capacity and a unique design inspired by a gaming console controller.

Ted’s Take:

All hail the return of MagSafe! It’s like getting a new toy, except it’s for your phone. These innovative MagSafe accessories will take your iPhone experience to the next level. From cases that can make your phone stand, hang, or securely stay in your hands, to chargers with contemporary designs and organic minimalism – there’s something for everyone. Need help managing your screen time? There’s a MagSafe accessory for that too! And let’s not forget about the gaming enthusiasts with the Ice Speed Freezemat Magsafe Wireless Charger. It’s like giving your phone a cool breeze while it charges. So go ahead and deck out your iPhone with these power-packed MagSafe accessories and let the magic unfold!

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