Female Founders Fund Raises $75 Million for New Fund: TechCrunch


  • Female Founders Fund (FFF) has filed with the SEC to raise $75 million for its fourth fund.
  • This is the largest amount raised by FFF so far, with previous funds ranging from $6 million to $57 million.
  • FFF’s third fund closed in 2021 with investments from Goldman Sachs, Pivotal Ventures, and Plexo Capital.

Ted’s Take:

Female Founders Fund is on a mission to support and invest in female-led startups, and they’re not messing around when it comes to raising money. With their latest filing, they’re looking to secure a whopping $75 million for their fourth fund. That’s some serious cash! But hey, if you’re going to disrupt the tech industry and challenge the status quo, you need some serious funds to back you up. And FFF has proven that they know how to attract big players, with Goldman Sachs and other prominent investors already on board. So here’s to FFF and their commitment to empowering women in tech. Cheers to smashing glass ceilings and making big bucks while doing it!

Original Article: https://techcrunch.com/?p=2629355

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