Fitbit Outage: Data Syncing Issues and App Errors


  • Fitbit is experiencing another outage, with users reporting blank spaces and syncing issues on the app.
  • The Fitbit status dashboard does not show an outage, but other sites tracking outages are reporting spikes in Fitbit reports.
  • Users are experiencing errors such as “Couldn’t sync your Charge 6. Tap to open help.”
  • Some users have expressed frustrations with the Fitbit app’s performance.
  • As of 9:16AM, some users are reporting that their Fitbit app and data are syncing again.

Ted’s Take:

Oh Fitbit, we meet again. It seems like every time I look at you, you’re either struggling to keep up or taking a break and leaving your users hanging. Like a fickle friend who constantly cancels plans and leaves you wondering if they even care about your friendship. But hey, at least this time you managed to fix things relatively quickly. Maybe there’s hope for us after all. Or maybe I should just invest in a good old-fashioned watch and call it a day. Fitbit, you may be down, but you’re definitely not out.

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