Designing Logos with Words using DallE 3 and ChatGPT


  • DallE 3 and ChatGPT can be used together to create logos with words, making it easier for businesses to brainstorm and generate ideas before working with a professional designer.
  • DallE 3 is improving in combining imagery and text from prompts, allowing users to craft logos complete with words.
  • With the help of OpenAI Dall-E 3 and ChatGPT, users can create a wide range of visual logo ideas based on textual descriptions and refine them with design elements, color schemes, and typography suggestions.

Ted’s Take:

This new combination of AI tools makes logo design faster and funnier. You can experiment with different ideas without wasting hours drawing or editing. It’s like having a conversation with AI designer assistants until you find the perfect fit for your brand. However, don’t forget to consult with a human professional designer to add those final touches and make your logo hella fancy. AI is great, but it still needs a human touch, or else we’ll have logos that look like a cat stepped on a keyboard and called it a day.

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