Fratello’s Top 5 Recent Zenith Limited Editions

– Zenith is known for releasing unique and creative limited-edition watches.
– The Zenith Chronomaster Original Limited Edition for Hodinkee is a standout with its opaline salmon dial and contrasting gray sub-dials and chronograph scale.
– The Zenith Chronomaster Revival A384 Lupin The Third trilogy pays tribute to the manga series with its unique and vibrant dial designs.
– The Zenith × Voutilainen × Phillips Calibre 135-O Unique Piece For Susan G. Komen showcases the historical Calibre 135-O movement in a niobium case and features a beautiful salmon dial.
– The Zenith Chronomaster Revival “Poker Chip” stands out with its lumed dial markings and unique combination of dark gray and light green colors.
– The Zenith × Revolution “Cover Girl” El Primero A3818 Revival brings back the iconic “Cover Girl” design in a titanium case and bracelet.

Ted’s Take:
Zenith is the king of limited editions and these watches prove it. Whether it’s the salmon dial of the Chronomaster Original Limited Edition for Hodinkee or the vibrant Lupin The Third trilogy, Zenith always pushes the boundaries of design. From vintage reissues to modern reinterpretations, Zenith knows how to create unique and standout watches. Who needs a regular watch when you can have a limited edition that truly stands out?

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