Glorious Gaming Mouse Bungee: Eliminate Cable Drag and Game Freely


  • Glorious Gaming has released a mouse bungee to solve the problem of cable drag and obstruction
  • The spring-adjustable arm holds the mouse cable up and out of the way, giving a wireless mouse experience with a wired mouse
  • Competitive gamers will find the Glorious Gaming Mouse Bungee particularly helpful, but it can be used by anyone looking to eliminate cable interference
  • The device is available in black and white and can be purchased on Amazon for $9 and $12, respectively

Ted’s Take:

Are you tired of your mouse cable getting in the way or draping all over the place? Glorious Gaming has come up with a brilliant solution: the mouse bungee. It’s like a personal trainer for your mouse, holding the cable up and out of the way, allowing it to move freely like a wireless mouse. Now you can be a competitive gamer without the hassle of cable drag. This device is a must-have for serious gamers and a handy addition to any desk. So say goodbye to cable chaos and grab yourself a Glorious Gaming Mouse Bungee. Your mouse will thank you.

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