Jupiter Meteor Impact: Amateur Astronomer Witnesses Fiery Explosion


  • Jupiter, with its massive size and gravitational pull, frequently attracts objects into its orbit.
  • An amateur astronomer spotted a flash on Jupiter on November 15, indicating an impact.
  • The impact was likely caused by either pieces of a comet or an asteroid.
  • Collisions like these are common in the solar system.
  • On Earth, smaller objects burn up in the atmosphere daily, while larger impacts occur less frequently.

Ted’s Take:

Jupiter must be feeling pretty popular these days with all the objects crashing into it. It’s like a cosmic vacuum cleaner that can’t resist sucking things into its orbit. No wonder it can’t keep its hands to itself. But hey, we can’t blame it for attracting some attention. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be the center of the universe? Just watch out for any flying space rocks next time you’re near Jupiter. You never know what you might find exploding in its atmosphere. It’s like watching a fiery fireworks show, but on an interstellar scale. Collisions happen all the time in space, just like that time you accidentally bumped into someone on the street. But unlike Earth, where we’re lucky if we get hit by a falling pebble, Jupiter sure knows how to make an impact. So, next time you’re stargazing, keep an eye on Jupiter. You might witness another celestial crash that’ll make your jaw drop. And remember, if a colossal rock ever comes our way, we better hope scientists have their deflection skills on point. Otherwise, we’ll be in for a dino-sized disaster. Yikes!

Original Article: https://mashable.com/article/jupiter-asteroid-impact-footage

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