MB&F Unveils the HM11 Architect at Dubai Watch Week 2023


  • Max Busser has released the retro-future inspired HM11 Architect watch at Dubai Watch Week 2023.
  • The watch is designed based on an architectural style from the 60’s, designed around the human form.
  • The watch features a central flying Tourbillon housed under a double-domed sapphire roof, surrounded by four “rooms” with different functions such as time-telling, power reserve indication, and temperature measurement.
  • The watch is made of Grade 5 titanium, polished to give it a shiny lustre and is available in blue or gold variants.
  • The unique aspect of the watch is the way it is wound. Instead of winding the crown, the wearer turns the entire case to wind the mainspring, requiring only 10 full turns to generate 96 hours worth of power.
  • The watch is priced at close to $370,000 AUD and limited to 25 pieces of each variant.

Ted’s Take:

Well, Max Busser and his team at MB&F have done it again – they’ve created another crazy and genius timepiece. The HM11 Architect is like a futuristic house on your wrist, complete with different rooms and functions. Who needs a regular watch when you can have a piece of art, science, and engineering that tells the time and temperature? Plus, the unique winding mechanism is a fun way to power up the watch – just turn the case and feel like you’re winding up a toy. Of course, owning one of these limited-edition watches will cost you a pretty penny, but hey, you can’t put a price on wearing something unique and out of this world. So, if you’re feeling a little crazy (and have a lot of cash to spare), go ahead and treat yourself to an HM11 Architect. Your wrist will thank you for it!

Original Article: https://www.watchadvice.com.au/?p=20951

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