MediaTek’s New Chip to Bring 5G to More Devices


  • MediaTek has developed a new 5G modem and chip, called M60 and T300 respectively, to bring 5G connectivity to wearables, IoT devices, and other electronics that require reliable internet but don’t need the speed and bandwidth of laptops and smartphones.
  • The M60 modem uses the new 3GPP “RedCap” standard, which offers low latency and broad connectivity without the power requirements of traditional higher-bandwidth 5G chips.
  • The chip is small and efficient, providing download speeds up to 227Mbps and upload speeds reaching 122Mbps while consuming 70% less power.
  • It is targeted at devices like smartwatches, lightweight AR/VR headsets, IoT devices, and industrial sensors.
  • MediaTek hopes manufacturers will adopt the RedCap chips and fully embrace 5G connectivity to replace legacy 4G/LTE technologies.
  • The company plans to send out its first T300 devices for sampling early next year, with the expectation that they will be in commercial products by late 2024.

Ted’s Take:

Well, well, well, it seems like MediaTek is trying to bring 5G connectivity to every electronic device in existence. Soon, you won’t be able to escape the power of 5G, even if you’re just wearing a simple smartwatch or using a lightweight AR/VR headset. MediaTek’s new M60 modem and T300 chip are like the Robin Hood of 5G. They deliver the benefits of 5G, such as low latency and broad connectivity, without gobbling up all your precious power. It’s like having a 5G power-up without the side effects of taking speed too fast. And with download speeds of up to 227Mbps, these chips might just be the 5G superheroes we’ve been waiting for. So, get ready for a future where even your toaster will have faster internet than you. And be prepared to be amazed as 5G takes over every aspect of your life, even the ones you didn’t think needed it. Welcome to the future, where everything and everyone is connected, whether they like it or not.

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