Nothing’s iMessage for Android app is unbelievably bad


  • Nothing Chats, the iMessage for Android app launched by Nothing, has faced major security vulnerabilities.
  • Messages sent via Nothing Chats were not encrypted and were visible in plain text.
  • All messaging data sent and stored in Nothing Chats was done unencrypted and accessible through an easily accessible Firebase platform.
  • Nothing has removed the app from the Play Store and will be delaying the launch to fix the bugs.

Ted’s Take:

Well, it seems like Nothing managed to deliver on its promise of bringing iMessage to Android – if by “deliver” you mean “expose everyone’s personal information to potential hackers.” Nothing Chats turned out to be an absolute nightmare, with messages being sent in plain text and vulnerabilities that compromised users’ data big time. The fact that Nothing partnered with Sunbird for this project doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in their ability to choose reliable partners. But hey, at least they promptly removed the app and delayed the launch, right? Maybe they should stick to making actual products instead of trying to fix something that isn’t broken. And as for Android users who were dreaming of having iMessage on their devices, well, maybe it’s time to go back to the drawing board. Or just wait until Apple finally adds RCS to the iPhone in 2024. Trust me, it’s better to play it safe than risk exposing your personal information to the world.

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