PlayStation Portal: The New PSP Handheld – Everything We Know


  • PlayStation is releasing a new handheld console called the PlayStation Portal, which is a “remote player” that relies on the PS5.
  • The PlayStation Portal is available for purchase, priced at $200/£200.
  • The handheld console is primarily designed for PlayStation’s Remote Play feature and requires a PS5 to use.
  • The PlayStation Portal comes with an 8-inch LCD touchscreen, runs games at up to 1080p and 60fps over Wi-Fi, and has features like adaptive triggers and haptic feedback.
  • The device requires constant internet connectivity and a minimum connection speed of 15Mbps.
  • Compatible games include Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, a Metal Gear Solid 3 remake, and Alan Wake 2.
  • Sony has also announced the Pulse Elite and Pulse Explore, its latest PlayStation wireless headset and earbuds.

Ted’s Take:

PlayStation is entering the handheld gaming market once again with the PlayStation Portal. But don’t expect this device to be a standalone powerhouse. It’s more like an accessory for your PS5, kind of like a sidekick. You’ll still need a PS5 and a decent Wi-Fi connection to play games on the Portal, and you’ll have to leave your PS5 at home if you want to take the Portal on the go. So basically, it’s a handheld console that only works if you have another console and an internet connection nearby. But hey, at least it has an 8-inch touchscreen and features like adaptive triggers and haptic feedback. Who needs portability when you can have those cool features, right? Just make sure you don’t forget your PS5 at home when you’re on vacation. That would be a real bummer. But hey, on the bright side, Sony is also releasing new wireless headphones and earbuds, so you can enjoy some high-quality audio while you wait for your PS5 to finish downloading games to your Portal.

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