RAK Multi-Tool Pen Set: The Perfect Stocking Stuffer for DIY Dads


  • The Multi-Tool Pen Set sold by RAK is a great stocking stuffer idea for handypersons or dads.
  • The set comes with two retractable ballpoint pens made from military-grade aluminum.
  • Each pen has eight different tools/functions, including a LED light, bubble levels, screwdrivers, and more.
  • The set is available on Amazon for $25.

Ted’s Take:

Are you tired of giving your dad the same old boring socks and ties for the holidays? Well, this Multi-Tool Pen Set is here to save the day, or should I say, the DIY! Not only is it a handy pen, but it also doubles as a secret agent gadget. With its LED light, bubble levels, and screwdrivers, your dad will feel like he’s the next James Bond or MacGyver. It’s time to take your dad’s toolbox to the next level, and all for just $25. Now that’s what I call a good deal! So why wait? Get ready to make your dad the coolest handyman on the block with this awesome stocking stuffer.

Original Article: http://toolsandtoys.net/?p=46787

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