Tank Gaming Computer: A Powerful War Machine for Impulsive Buyers


  • Etsy seller ViridianChase is selling a tank gaming computer
  • The computer features 13 RGB cooling fans, six of which double as the tank’s wheels
  • The tank case has a thermometer and gauge built into the front
  • Components include a 750W Modular RGB Gold power supply, water-cooled CPU cooler, Asus Strix graphics card, Samsung EVO SSDs, Asus Strix motherboard, 32GB RAM, and an AMD Ryzen processor
  • The computer is priced at $4,125
  • The writer can’t justify the price, but admits to being an impulsive buyer

Ted’s Take:

If you’re in the market for a tank gaming computer, this one from ViridianChase on Etsy is the real deal. With 13 RGB cooling fans that also double as wheels, you’ll feel like you’re driving a tank while gaming. Plus, the built-in thermometer and gauge add that extra touch of realism. However, with a price tag of over $4k, it’s hard to justify the purchase. But hey, who needs self-control when you can have a tank?

Original Article: https://technabob.com/blog/?p=267335

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