The Intersection of Art and Technology: Artist Immortalizes SpaceX in Stunning Paintings


  • Agnieszka Pilat, an artist who is a self-described “techno-optimist,” has been granted unprecedented access to SpaceX to capture their technology through art.
  • Pilat has also worked with Boston Dynamics, using their robotic dogs called Spot to create paintings, and she has a demonstration at an art exhibition in Melbourne, Australia.
  • At SpaceX, Pilat has been working on a series called “Infinite,” focused on the hatch for the Crew Dragon capsule, the spaceship NASA uses to send astronauts to the International Space Station.
  • She believes that technology and religion have many parallels and similarities, including the utopian idea of a better future.

Ted’s Take:

Agnieszka Pilat is a true artist, merging her love for technology with her passion for painting. She’s been granted access to SpaceX and Boston Dynamics, capturing their cutting-edge machinery in her artwork. Now, instead of just admiring priceless art, you can admire priceless art depicting pricey technology. Pilat is like a modern-day Rembrandt, except instead of painting moody portraits she’s painting rockets and robots. Plus, she’s using gold leaf to evoke religious symbolism, because let’s face it, technology is the new religion. In a world where Elon Musk has a reverential following, she has found the perfect way to bridge the gap between the divine and the digital. So if you ever find yourself in Melbourne, make sure to check out Pilat’s exhibition and see if those robotic dogs are better painters than you are.

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