Zenith and Time & Tide’s New Defy Skyline: Night Surfer 2


  • Zenith has collaborated with Time & Tide to release the Defy Skyline Night Surfer 2.
  • The watch features a black and blue color scheme on the dial and case.
  • The dial has a four-pointed star structure with a dynamic application of blue.
  • The 41mm case is angular and aggressive, but the dark finish doesn’t interfere with the dial.
  • The watch comes with a titanium bracelet and a blue rubber strap option.
  • It is powered by the El Primero caliber and has a sub seconds hand at 6 o’clock.
  • The dial structure has been simplified with a 4 pointed star as its base.
  • The watch is priced at 11,900 CHF and is limited to 200 examples.

Ted’s Take:

Sequel success! Zenith and Time & Tide are back at it with the Night Surfer 2, and this time they’ve taken the Defy Skyline to even greater heights. The black and blue color scheme on the dial and case is as mesmerizing as a night sky filled with shooting stars. The angular and aggressive 41mm case adds a tough edge to the watch, just like a surfer riding a massive wave. You can go with the titanium bracelet for a sleek look, or switch it up with the blue rubber strap for some extra flair. The El Primero caliber keeps the watch ticking with the precision of a well-executed surf maneuver. The limited production and high price of this watch only make it more exclusive and desirable. So grab your board and ride the wave of style with the Night Surfer 2. Zenith and Time & Tide have once again proven that sequels can be just as good, if not better than the original. Cowabunga, dudes!

Original Article: https://wornandwound.com/?p=121822

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