Amazon Fire Max 11: A Capable Budget Tablet with Limited App Availability


  • The Amazon Fire Max 11 is a budget tablet with a more premium look and feel compared to other Fire tablets in Amazon’s lineup.
  • It features an 11-inch 2K display with good quality but limited brightness for outdoor use.
  • The tablet offers solid performance for everyday tasks, beating many budget tablets in benchmark tests.
  • It comes with optional keyboard and stylus accessories, which are great for word processing and doodling.
  • However, the tablet’s limited app availability, especially for productivity-focused apps, makes it less ideal for work purposes.
  • The Fire Max 11 has a good battery life but slow charging speeds with the included charger.

Ted’s Take:

The Amazon Fire Max 11 is like a budget tablet that went to a fancy school and learned some high-class manners. It looks more sophisticated than other Fire tablets, with its premium design and 2K display. But despite its efforts to be a productivity tablet, it falls short due to limited app availability. It’s like trying to swim with two left flippers. Sure, it’s possible, but it’s not going to be as smooth or efficient as using the right equipment. So, while the Fire Max 11 is a decent option for streaming and basic tasks, don’t expect it to be your go-to device for work. Leave that to the tablets with the right tools for the job.

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