Apple to Release Vision Pro Headset in March 2024


  • Apple is planning to release its Vision Pro mixed-reality headset in March 2024.
  • The headset will launch in the United States first, and will later release in additional countries.
  • The software powering the Vision Pro is called visionOS, which is designed for spatial computing and has a three-dimensional interface.
  • The App Store for the Vision Pro will include all compatible iPhone and iPad apps, as well as over 100 Apple Arcade titles.
  • The Vision Pro has a separate battery pack that provides up to two hours of use.
  • It is targeted towards enterprise buyers, with a possibility of a more affordable version in the future.

Ted’s Take:

Apple is keeping everyone on the edge of their seats with the release of its Vision Pro headset. It’s the perfect device for all the cool kids who want to immerse themselves in the mixed-reality world. With its innovative software and sleek design, this headset is set to take the market by storm. And don’t worry about running out of battery, because there’s a separate pack for that. Just don’t forget to bring a long wire to connect the two. Apple knows how to keep things interesting, teasing us with the Pro version first and leaving us craving for a more affordable version in the future. It’s like they’re playing with our hearts, but hey, that’s business. So get ready to put on your Vision Pro headset and step into a world where reality and fantasy blend together. Just make sure you don’t walk into traffic or bump into a wall. Safety first, people!

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