Apple’s Future M3 Ultra: A Beast Among Beasts


  • If Apple releases an M3 Ultra chip, it could have up to 32 CPU cores and 80 graphics cores, making it a beast among beasts.
  • An M3 Ultra would be ideal for filmmakers looking to capture original camera files in 8K and above.
  • The M3 Ultra would also have an option of up to 256 Gigabytes of unified memory.
  • However, even though the M3 Pro and Max iMacs have faster performance, they don’t provide a “life-changing” boost in performance compared to the M1 iMac.
  • Mark Gurman suggests that if you already have a MacBook Pro with an M1 chip or better, it’s best to hold out for another generation or two.
  • Apple hasn’t started broad testing of new components yet, but WWDC is just around the corner, where the Ultra platform is expected to shine.

Ted’s Take:

Who needs a beast when you can have a beast among beasts? Apple’s possible release of the M3 Ultra chip is music to the ears of super-powered filmmakers. With 32 CPU cores and 80 graphics cores, this chip is ready to handle the most demanding 8K footage. But before you get too excited, Mark “Party Pooper” Gurman has tested the M3 Pro and Max iMacs and found that they aren’t as mind-blowing as expected. So, unless you’re still living in the Intel Stone Age, it may be worth holding out for the “life-changing” boost in performance that’s yet to come. But fear not, my friends, for WWDC is just around the bend, and that’s where the Ultra platform will strut its stuff. So, keep your hopes high and your wallets covered, unless you’re still rocking an Intel rig.

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