Cruise CEO Resigns as 250,000 Driverless Rides Completed


  • Cruise co-founder and CEO Kyle Vogt has resigned.
  • He plans on taking a break to explore new ideas.
  • Mo Elshenawy has been promoted to President and CTO of Cruise.
  • Vogt’s resignation comes after Craig Glidden was appointed as Chief Administrative Officer of Cruise.
  • No permanent Chief Safety Officer has been appointed yet and a safety probe is ongoing.

Ted’s Take:

So long, Kyle Vogt! The CEO of Cruise is cruising out of his position. I guess after giving over 250,000 driverless rides, he’s ready for a little break. And by break, I hope he means a beach vacation with a fancy drink in hand, not building another tech empire. But hey, I understand the need to explore new ideas. Maybe he’ll come up with a genius invention, like a self-refilling wine glass or a driverless lawn mower.
In the meantime, Mo Elshenawy has been promoted to President and CTO of Cruise, so the autonomous vehicle company is in capable hands. And let’s not forget about Craig Glidden, the new Chief Administrative Officer. It seems like the Cruise team is getting a little makeover. I hope they don’t go too crazy with the rebranding. I don’t need a robot driving around with a new name and a

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