Experience the New Vacheron Constantin Boutique in Dallas


  • Vacheron Constantin has opened a new boutique in Highland Park Village, Dallas, Texas, on November 20, 2023.
  • The boutique is located in an iconic destination known for its charming architecture and upscale boutiques.
  • The space features a unique layout and decor, combining high-end elements with a subtle southern and urban feel.
  • The boutique offers different areas for watch collectors to explore and relax, including a living room with a high-fidelity McIntosh turntable.
  • The boutique also showcases a mural by local Dallas artist Eric Rodriguez, featuring iconic landmarks of Dallas.
  • This boutique marks many firsts for the brand and has a more hip and cool look and feel than usual.

Ted’s Take:

Well, well, well, look who’s moved into the neighborhood. Vacheron Constantin has opened a shiny new boutique in the heart of Highland Park Village, and boy, is it fancy. You’ll feel like you’re in a European village as you wander the cobblestone streets and browse the exclusive boutiques. And speaking of the Vacheron Constantin boutique, it’s a sight to behold. The layout and decor are so unique that it’s sure to leave you feeling a bit hipper and cooler than usual. And if that’s not enough to grab your attention, there’s even a mural by a local Dallas artist that features all the iconic landmarks of the city. So whether you’re a watch collector or just a fan of beautifully designed spaces, this new Vacheron Constantin boutique is definitely worth a visit.

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