How to Check who’s connected to your iPhone’s Hotspot


  • The iPhone’s Personal Hotspot feature can be a data drain if you’re not careful.
  • iOS allows you to see how many devices are connected to your hotspot, but not who those devices belong to.
  • To check for hotspot connections on your iPhone, you can go to the Control Center and see the number of current connections under the Personal Hotspot icon.
  • You can use third-party tools like Network Analyzer to see the names, IP addresses, and MAC addresses of connected devices, but not their manufacturers.
  • If you find an unauthorized device on your network, you can change your hotspot’s password or turn off “Allow others to join” in your settings.
  • iOS also shows how much data each recently connected device has used, helping you make decisions about restricting access.

Ted’s Take:

So, you’ve discovered that your iPhone’s hotspot has been invaded by a bunch of data-hungry freeloaders. Well, fear not! You have the power to take control and kick those moochers to the curb. Just follow the steps to check who’s connected and then unleash your wrath by changing that trusty hotspot password. Oh, how the tables have turned! Those data-draining fiends thought they could leech off your generosity, but now they’ll have to find their own internet source, preferably one that won’t bankrupt you in the process. It’s time to show them who’s boss and enjoy your hotspot bliss without any unwanted hitchhikers.

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