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  • “In Camera” is a photography book by Cameralabs Editor, Gordon Laing, featuring 100 travel images that are all presented without any editing or manipulation.
  • The book showcases the art of JPEG photography, emphasizing the importance of capturing great photos in-camera.
  • All of the photos in the book were taken with compact mirrorless cameras, but the tips and techniques can be applied to other types of cameras as well.
  • The book includes behind-the-scenes details, techniques, and settings for each photo, making it a valuable resource for beginner and advanced photographers.
  • “In Camera” is available for purchase on Amazon and supports Cameralabs when you buy a copy.

Ted’s Take:

Who needs fancy editing software and filters when you can capture amazing photos straight out of the camera? That’s what Gordon Laing’s photography book, “In Camera,” is all about. No Photoshop, no Lightroom, just pure, unadulterated JPEGs. And he proves that you don’t need a big, fancy camera either. Compact mirrorless cameras are more than capable of producing stunning results. So put down your filters and step away from the computer. With “In Camera,” you’ll learn how to create jaw-dropping photos straight from your camera. It’s time to show off your photography skills, no edits required.

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