iPhone 16 Pro Design: What to Expect and Rumors Debunked


  • The iPhone 15 models have the same design, which may make the base models look more modern compared to the iPhone 14.
  • The iPhone 16 models are expected to have the same design as the iPhone 15, but the Pro models may be slightly larger and include a Capture button.
  • Rumors of a new hole-punch design for the iPhone 16 Pro are unlikely to be true, as Apple would need to figure out how to incorporate Face ID components under the screen.
  • Android phones have hole-punch designs because they lack 3D face recognition, which is a major feature of the iPhone.
  • According to a display analyst, the iPhone 17 Pros may be the first to feature a hole-punch display in 2025.
  • There are rumors that Apple is testing a hole-punch version of the iPhone 16 Pro, but it is more likely to be for the iPhone 17 series.
  • Face ID is an important feature for iPhone users, and Apple needs to ensure it works reliably before implementing a hole-punch display.
  • While rumors about new features are exciting, it is too soon to get excited about the iPhone 16 Pro’s design.
  • Mark Gurman, a reliable insider, has stated that the iPhone 16 won’t have any major hardware upgrades.

Ted’s Take:

So, the new iPhones all have the same design, and it seems like Apple is playing it safe. The iPhone 15 might look more modern than the iPhone 14, but let’s be honest, they all still look like rectangles with screens. As for the iPhone 16, there are rumors of a hole-punch design, but personally, I think it’s too soon for Apple to make such a change. Face ID is the holy grail of iPhone features, so they better make sure it works flawlessly before messing with the display layout. Plus, Android phones have already been using hole-punch designs, but they can get away with it because they don’t have Face ID. Apple needs to take baby steps towards an all-screen iPhone, and I’m okay with that. Let’s just hope they don’t keep giving us the same old design for the next five years. Come on, Apple, give us something fresh and exciting

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