Kindle Paperwhite Kids Review: A Tech Gift for Little Bookworms


  • The Kindle Paperwhite Kids Edition is a durable and water-resistant e-reader made specifically for children.
  • It features a glare-free screen that can be read in bright lights and is adjustable for nighttime reading.
  • The Kids Edition comes with a choice of two whimsical cases and a free year of Amazon Kids+ which provides access to thousands of kid-friendly books.
  • The device is not a tablet and does not have apps, games, or video capabilities. It is solely for reading.
  • The Kindle Paperwhite Kids Edition also offers features like Vocabulary Builder and fun reading achievements for kids to enjoy.

Ted’s Take:

If you want to give a tech gift to a young bookworm, then the Kindle Paperwhite Kids Edition is a great choice. It’s durable, water resistant, and has a glare-free screen for easy reading anywhere. Plus, with a free year of Amazon Kids+, it comes preloaded with tons of age-appropriate books. Just remember, this device is strictly for reading, so no games, no video, and no color. But hey, it’s reading time, not screen time, right? So go ahead and give the gift of reading to your favorite little bookworm.

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