Lenovo Legion Glasses Review: Do They Beat XReal Air AR and Viture XR?


  • The Lenovo Legion Glasses are a pair of personal-display glasses that allow gamers to have a private gaming experience.
  • They project an 86-inch virtual screen in front of the user.
  • The glasses come with an attractive design and are comfortable to wear.
  • They have a long cable, which allows users to lie down and game.
  • The Legion Glasses are ideal for privacy-minded gamers who don’t want others to see their screens.
  • The glasses have a vivid 1080p display and reproduce stunning colors.
  • They are priced at $329.99, which is cheaper than some of their competitors.

Ted’s Take:

The Lenovo Legion Glasses are like having your own personal movie theater, only it’s strapped to your face. With an 86-inch virtual screen and a comfortable design, these glasses are perfect for gamers who want a private gaming experience. Plus, you can lie down while gaming, which is essential for lazy gamers like me. And let’s not forget about the vivid display and stunning colors. It’s like watching a movie in HD, but without having to leave your couch. Sure, there are some minor drawbacks, like the lack of adjustment dials and the fact that there are lighter glasses on the market. But for the price and overall experience, the Legion Glasses are a solid choice. So go ahead, grab a pair and game on!

Original Article: http://www.mashable.com/review/lenovo-legion-glasses

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