NEW: MB&F Horological Machine 11 Architect – HOROLOGIUM


  • MB&F has released a new watch called Horological Machine 11 Architect
  • The design of the watch is inspired by architect Charles Haertling’s Brenton House in Boulder, CO
  • The watch features a central flying tourbillon and four curved polished titanium sections that can rotate in either direction
  • The rotations of the case wind the watch and also shift the four functional dials or plates in a new direction
  • The watch is powered by an in-house movement developed by MB&F and is available in two limited edition versions

Ted’s Take:

Well, this watch is a real architectural marvel! I mean, it’s literally inspired by a house. Who would have thought of that? It’s like wearing a tiny building on your wrist. I guess you could say it’s the perfect watch for someone who wants to live their life one minute at a time. Talk about a wrist party! Just be careful not to bump into any door frames with that thing on. People might mistake you for a real-life version of Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. But hey, at least you’ll always know what time it is.

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