Nikon Strikes Gold: Targeting China’s Low-Tech Chip Market


  • Nikon is focusing on the low-tech chip device market in China in hopes to strike gold.
  • The Nomatic x Peter McKinnon LUMA camera bag collection, which was listed for funding on Kickstarter, is now available for sale at B&H.
  • Hobolite has announced the first-ever extreme weather lighting solutions with their X-Series.
  • Ulanzi has released a new portable fog machine for video and photography.
  • SIRUI will be unveiling new Sniper autofocus APS-C prime lenses for Nikon Z-mount, including 23mm f/1.2, 33mm f/1.2, and 56mm f/1.2.
  • Lexar has introduced new Professional CFexpress Type A and microSDXC UHS-II memory cards.
  • Learn about AV1 Image File Format (AVIF).
  • Skylum has released Luminar Neo version 1.16 with the new GenSwap AI feature.
  • There is currently a Nikon Photo Contest exhibition in Tokyo.

Ted’s Take:

Nikon is trying to go for the gold, but in China’s low-tech chip market. It’s like trying to strike it rich with a penny stock. Meanwhile, the Nomatic x Peter McKinnon LUMA camera bag collection is now available for sale. Finally, a bag that can carry all your camera gear and make you look cool at the same time. And if you’re feeling adventurous, Hobolite has released extreme weather lighting solutions. Because sometimes you just need a really bright light when you’re out in a blizzard. Ulanzi has also come out with a portable fog machine for video and photography. Who knew fog was the missing piece in making your photos and videos more dramatic? SIRUI is unleashing new prime lenses for Nikon Z-mount, because apparently, regular autofocus just isn’t precise enough. Lexar has introduced new memory cards, because we all know you can never have too much storage. If you’re curious about AV1 Image File Format, well, good luck finding someone who can explain it to you. Skylum has released Luminar Neo with new AI features, which is great news for lazy photographers who don’t want to do any editing themselves. And finally, if you happen

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