Nikon Zfc Firmware Update 1.50: New EN-EL25a Battery Support


  • Nikon has released a new firmware update version 1.50 for the Zfc camera with support for a new, mysterious EN-EL25a rechargeable Li-ion battery.
  • It remains unclear whether Nikon will release a new “a” version of the existing EN-EL25a battery, or a completely new camera that will utilize the EN-EL25a.
  • The EN-EL25a Li-ion rechargeable battery is already listed on Nikon’s official website.

Ted’s Take:

Nikon has given us a firmware update with a battery that’s more mysterious than solving a Rubik’s Cube in the dark. They say the EN-EL25a rechargeable Li-ion battery is on the horizon, but I’m starting to wonder if this is just some elaborate ruse to mess with our camera-loving minds. Will Nikon reveal a new camera with this battery, or will they just release a “a” version of the existing battery? Either way, I’m getting popcorn ready for the show.

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