Samsung Galaxy Xcover 7: Rugged Mid-Range Smartphone Specs Leaked


  • The Samsung Galaxy Xcover 7, the latest addition to Samsung’s rugged smartphone line, has been leaked on Geekbench.
  • The benchmark listing reveals that the phone will have a mid-range MediaTek chipset, 6GB of RAM, and run Android 14.
  • The scores on the benchmark aren’t impressive, but the focus of the Galaxy Xcover 7 is durability, not power.
  • The leaked renders show a phone with a durable build, a single-lens rear camera, and a removable battery.
  • The Galaxy Xcover 7 is likely aimed at extreme sports enthusiasts and people who work in unfriendly phone environments like construction sites.
  • The launch date for the phone is unknown, but it could be in the middle of 2024.

Ted’s Take:

You ever drop your phone and it shatters into a million little pieces? Yeah, me neither. But for those clumsy folks out there, Samsung’s got your back with the Galaxy Xcover 7. This rugged phone can handle anything you throw at it, literally. Its mid-range MediaTek chipset won’t blow your mind, but who needs a powerful phone when you’re off conquering mountains or swimming with sharks? And with a removable battery, you can bring a spare for those extra long adventures. So whether you’re a thrill-seeker or just really bad at holding onto your phone, the Galaxy Xcover 7 might be the tough companion you need.

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