The Real Reason EV Repairs Are So Expensive


  • Insurance companies are demanding that perfectly good electric vehicles (EVs) be scrapped or are hiking up repair costs for minor damage to their battery casing.
  • There is a lack of understanding and knowledge among repair shops on how to properly assess and fix EV batteries, leading to higher repair costs.
  • Manufacturers are making it difficult for mechanics to access replacement parts or provide clear instructions on how to repair EV battery units.
  • Insurers are writing off entire cars due to battery-related problems, which can be costly since EV batteries can cost upwards of $15,000.
  • EVs have a higher percentage of materials that are difficult to repair, like aluminum or composites, leading to higher insurance costs compared to internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles.

Ted’s Take:

Electric vehicles may be cheaper in the long run, but repairing them is a whole different story. Insurance companies are demanding that minor damages to EV batteries be fixed at exorbitant costs or even scrapping perfectly good EVs altogether. The lack of understanding among repair shops and manufacturers is driving up the repair costs, making EV repairs more expensive than a date with a pop star. Hopefully, manufacturers will make it easier for mechanics to access replacement parts and provide clear repair instructions, or else EV owners will be left with hefty repair bills. Until then, EV repairs will continue to burn a hole in car owners’ pockets.

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