Ukraine Fires Top Cybersecurity Officials Following Embezzlement Accusations


  • The Ukrainian government has fired two of its top cybersecurity officials, Yurii Shchyhol and Victor Zhora, following allegations of embezzlement.
  • Ukraine’s National Anti-Corruption Bureau is investigating the alleged misuse and embezzlement of over $62 million in state funds by senior members of the State Special Communications Service of Ukraine.
  • Dmytro Makovskyi has been appointed as the acting head of the State Special Communications Service of Ukraine.
  • It is unclear whether the U.S. cybersecurity agency CISA, a close partner of Ukraine, was aware or given prior notice of the firings.
  • In the past, the U.S. officials have praised the relationship with the former deputy chairman, Victor Zhora, who recently gave a keynote speech at a cybersecurity conference in the U.S.

Ted’s Take:

Ukraine is taking its cybersecurity very seriously! They fired two of their top cybersecurity officials for alleged embezzlement. I guess they thought it was time for some cybercleaning! It’s not clear whether the U.S. cybersecurity agency was aware of the firings, but I imagine they received some pretty interesting spam emails. Maybe the fired officials can start a new career as cybercriminals since they already have the experience! Regardless, it’s important for countries to take cybersecurity seriously and ensure that their officials are trustworthy. Otherwise, they might end up with more cyberattacks than a celebrity’s Instagram account!

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