Using AI to Make Better Investment Decisions for Startups


  • VC fund Headline has developed an analytics tool called Deepdive to help founders determine whether a company has achieved true product-market fit.
  • Deepdive goes beyond surface-level revenue metrics and focuses on customer behavior and retention dynamics.
  • The tool provides founders with a comprehensive view of their business, analyzing customer acquisition, spending behavior, and more.
  • Deepdive is currently offered for free and is intended to become an integral part of the startup ecosystem.
  • The goal is to prioritize product-market fit and responsible scaling, ensuring founders don’t waste time on a company without potential.

Ted’s Take:

Headline is taking a deep dive into the world of startup analytics with their new tool, Deepdive. Unlike traditional business intelligence tools, Deepdive focuses on everything that truly matters, like customer behavior, retention dynamics, and spending behavior (because, let’s be honest, shopping habits can reveal a lot about a person). It’s like having a personal growth strategist for your startup. And the best part? It’s currently free! That’s right, founders can use Deepdive to make data-driven decisions without spending any of their precious “Other People’s Money”. Headline believes that responsible investing and scaling are the keys to success, and Deepdive helps founders quantify and visualize their product-market fit. No more wasting time scaling prematurely or pushing for growth without true potential. Deepdive is here to guide founders on the path to success and ensure they don’t end up riding the OPM train straight into the abyss. So if you’re a founder looking to navigate the complex landscape of startup growth, just remember: Deepdive is your secret weapon.

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