Arsène Lippens Debuts Visionario Watch Collection: A Personal Touch


  • Arsène Lippens has launched its Visionario watch collection, which aims to bring a more personal touch to the watchmaking industry.
  • The collection is named after the grandfather of Dries Lippens, the brand’s CEO, and draws inspiration from his watch collection.
  • The Visionario watches feature an automatic chronograph caliber produced in Neuchâtel, with a design that combines vintage and contemporary elements.
  • The collection includes seven different colorways, with each dial inspired by a different aspect of nature.
  • Arsène Lippens is offering a “Loyalty Token” system for Kickstarter backers, and each watch can be personalized with a custom caseback engraving.

Ted’s Take:

Watchmaking is often impersonal, but Arsène Lippens is changing that with its Visionario collection. Inspired by the CEO’s grandfather’s watch collection, these watches have a personal touch that sets them apart. With a unique design and high-quality movement, these watches are sure to catch the attention of collectors. And if that’s not enough, Arsène Lippens is offering a Loyalty Token system and custom caseback engravings for Kickstarter backers. This is one collection that truly understands the importance of connection in the world of watches.

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