Engineer Creates Ergonomic Apple Magic Mouse with USB-C Charging


  • Engineer Ivan Kuleshov has created an ergonomic Apple Magic Mouse with USB-C charging.
  • The mod involves 3D printing a custom enclosure and adding a USB-C port connected to a charging module.
  • The USB-C port allows the mouse to be charged without interfering with its use.
  • Instructions for the mod can be found for free from Ivan Kuleshov.

Ted’s Take:

Who needs Apple to provide a USB-C charging option for its Magic Mouse when you can just DIY it yourself? That’s exactly what engineer Ivan Kuleshov did, because he got tired of waiting for Apple to do it. This guy took matters into his own hands and 3D printed a custom enclosure and added a USB-C port to the mouse. Now, he can charge his Magic Mouse and use it at the same time, without any pesky wires getting in the way. It’s like he’s living in the future while the rest of us are still stuck in a world where we have to choose between charging our devices or using them. Take that, Apple! It’s time for the company to step up its charging game and follow the lead of this ingenious engineer. In the meantime, I’ll just keep using my regular ol’ wired mouse and dream of a world where charging and using technology can coexist peacefully.

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