Ring Introduces The Grinch Voice for Video Doorbell Greetings


  • Ring is introducing The Grinch as a “quick reply” option for its video doorbell users to use during the holiday season.
  • SNL cast member James Austin Johnson provides the voice for The Grinch.
  • Users can choose from different phrases tailored to different situations when their doorbell is rung.
  • The Grinch can prompt visitors to leave a message that can be retrieved on the user’s smartphone.
  • A Ring Protect subscription is not necessary to use the Quick Replies feature, unless the user wants to record and play back visitor reactions.

Ted’s Take:

Video doorbells have become a popular way to keep an eye on who’s knocking at your door, but now Ring is taking it a step further. They’ve enlisted the help of everyone’s favorite holiday grump, The Grinch, to provide “quick reply” phrases for their users. So instead of answering the door yourself, you can have The Grinch do it for you. Just imagine the surprise on your visitor’s face when they hear The Grinch telling them to leave a message because you can’t be bothered to come to the door. It’s a festive way to add a little humor to the holiday season. Just be prepared for some confused looks when your guests wonder why The Grinch is answering your doorbell. Who knows, maybe it’ll help keep those carolers away too. Nobody wants to be greeted by The Grinch when they’re trying to spread holiday cheer.

Original Article: https://www.techhive.com/article/2144486/ding-dong-whos-there-the-grinch.html

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