Sony FPV-1 Mavica Printer: Print PlayStation Screenshots from 1998


  • The Sony FPV-1 Mavica Printer, released in 1998, allowed users to print screenshots from a PlayStation game console by inserting a floppy disk into the floppy disk drive (FDD).
  • The printer also had video input / S video input terminals, making it compatible with video cameras and VCRs for creating a variety of pictures, postcards, and greeting cards.
  • Unfortunately, the initial retail price for the printer was around $438 USD ($827 in 2023), and even now, used models can sell for around $700 in excellent condition.

Ted’s Take:

Who needs high-resolution screenshots when you can print them on a Sony FPV-1 Mavica Printer? This vintage device combines the magic of floppy disks with the excitement of PlayStation gaming. Just imagine the joy of printing out that pixelated masterpiece and proudly displaying it on your wall. Sure, it may have been expensive back then, but can you really put a price on nostalgia? Plus, who needs modern printers when you can have a printer with a floppy disk drive? It’s like stepping into a time machine and experiencing the wonders of outdated technology. Next time you want to print your PlayStation achievements, don’t settle for ordinary printers. Go for the retro charm of the Sony FPV-1 Mavica Printer and embrace the floppy disk vibes.

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